Emergency Escape Sign(text only)-Photoluminscent

  • ₦4,000.00
  • Brand: Knoxx
  • Product Code: 7SS004
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The Knoxx Essentials range is affordable, ethically sourced and safety compliant, We supply all kind of Fire Escape Exit Signs that are compliant with the governing fire safety laws.


Fire Escape Signs may not seem like an important subject but will be in the event of a fire. Fire Escape Signs and Fire Exit Signs save crucial time when an emergency hits. Photoluminscent Signs can quickly and easily alert persons of safe locations to escape in case of a fire,they can be seen even in the event of a blackout condition.The 340 mm x 120 mm Knoxx Photoluminscent "emergency escape" sign is manufactured from ABS flexible .material and 2 mm.

·         Non –radioactive
·         Non-toxic with no phosphorous
·         Signs remain highly visible even in complete darkness 

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