About Us

Company Overview

Knoxx Equipment Limited was fully incorporated to do business of Sales, procurement and services in Nigeria. Over the years, Knoxx Equipment has positioned itself as one of the leading provider of Safety Equipment and Firefighting Equipment to different sectors of the Nigerian economy i.e. oil and gas, energy, construction, manufacturing, government parastatals, maritime, telecommunication sectors and more.

Our Business is Safety

We’ve made it our business to understand your Business. Keeping people safe at work is our inspiration. Finding better, more cost effective solutions is what drives us. Making work a safer place for everyone is in our DNA, and this philosophy reaches out, to our own staffs and our customers.

Our Mission

Our Vision

As a distributor of industrial certified occupational & safety products, our mission is therefor to keep people safe at work. We believe that everyone who goes to work each day has a basic human right to come home safe at the end of the day. Knoxx is here to make sure that happens by offering expert advice and safety products that prevent accidents in the Workplace and save lives.

Our vision is to be the leading supplier and provider of Quality Safety, Fire protection and Services that protect and improve people’s health, safety and environment. We strive to achieve this vision by satisfying our customer needs through the efforts of motivated and highly trained employees who are dedicated to continuous improvement in quality, service, cost, value, technology and delivery and offer the widest  range of safety equipment, work wear, training and expert  advice to businesses large and small.

Training And Consultancy 

We were quick to spot the advantages of trading online, particularly for the benefits of our customers.  It’s about making things simpler for you, not us. Of course you can order in a number of ways, including Speaking to a real person but there are some very useful efficiency to setting up a web account with us.